Headmaster Welcome

Thank you for your interest in Covington Latin School.

Our School Motto: Bonitatem, Disciplinam et Scientiam Doce Me (Teach Me Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge) proudly lays out our mission. We aim to form and develop the whole person - intellectually, spiritually and socially. Covington Latin School is a Catholic school that provides classical liberal arts education to accelerated high school students. Qualified grade school students are given the opportunity to advance one or two years to begin challenging secondary school coursework that corresponds to their considerable aptitude and talents. Many students find an unparalleled sense of belonging here - the distinctive nature of Latin School allows it to fit our students' needs in a way that perhaps no other school can.

The record of our students and graduates speaks for itself.  The median SAT® and ACT® scores of our students are far above the local, state and national averages.  Not only do 100% of our students go on to higher education, but many enjoy the privilege of enrolling in their school of choice and often with substantial scholarships that greatly reduce or eliminate their college financial burden.

Covington Latin School is much more than an academic community. New students are an indispensable part of our 95 year history of tradition, excellence and fellowship. The Latin School community not only has a significant presence here in the tri-state area, it has also spread all across the world.

Please take some time to peruse our website and please contact us to arrange a visit.  We would love for you to join us in our august mission and proud tradition.

Mr. Michael Clines

Interim Headmaster