School Mission, Motto and Seal

Our Mission

The Covington Latin School forms Christian leaders in the Catholic tradition by challenging its students to achieve their greatest level of spiritual, intellectual and social development. The School’s philosophy, curriculum and practices promote moral integrity and academic excellence, leading students to find fulfillment in a life of service to others and a continuing love of learning while embracing the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Our Motto

Bonitatem et disciplinam et scientiam, doce me

"Teach me goodness, discipline and knowledge"

The founder of Covington Latin School, the Most Reverend Francis W. Howard, Bishop of the Diocese of Covington from 1923 to 1944, envisioned the School as an institution which would be unique to, and an improvement upon, the American secondary education of his day in both philosophy and performance. From its inception, Latin School has always been committed to students who need to skip grades for their academic advancement.

In founding the Covington Latin School, Bishop Howard took as his starting point the European gymnasium which served to move academically talented young men and women through an accelerated college preparatory education. Bishop Howard then adapted the gymnasium model to the needs of the Church in the American setting by incorporating into the School's curriculum the best aspects of American education in citizenship and the rich cultural and religious heritage of the Catholic tradition.

The elements of the school motto reflect Bishop Howard's perception:

Bonitatem (Goodness)
The Covington Latin School must help to shape the moral character of its students in the qualities of honesty, reverence, self-control, obedience, and in the recognition of the duties of a Christian toward God, neighbor, community and self.

Disciplinam (Discipline)
The Covington Latin School must help students train themselves in sound mental discipline with precise and regular study habits, orderly and productive work habits, and the development of sound critical judgment.

Scientiam (Knowledge)
The Covington Latin School must prepare its students for college and life by exposing them to a rigorous academic curriculum reflecting the strongest elements of the classical liberal arts, along with the best of modern scientific and mathematical courses.

Doce me (Teach me)
The Covington Latin School must employ teachers of high quality and dedication to match that required by the academic courses and the religious formation programs.

In bringing together all the elements of Bishop Howard's vision, Covington Latin has produced graduates of outstanding leadership in the religious, civic and professional life of the community. The faculty and administration of Latin School remain committed to continuing the tradition of excellence handed on to them by Bishop Howard and all who have studied or taught at the School.

Our Seal

The seal of the Covington Latin School attempts to convey the purpose of Catholic education. The Latin cross is the symbol of Catholic faith. On the sinister side, the symbolic soaring of the soul to the lofty heights of God is represented by the eagle. The scale duplicates the seal of the City of Covington, the location of the School. The dexter side has a star and waves which proclaim the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Patroness of youth and all Catholic schools. The bouchier is the heraldic indication for the State of Kentucky. Leadership and scholarship are expressed by the torch and the open book.