Prep or Freshman?

Admitted fifth grade students may choose to pursue one or two year acceleration entering into either the Prep 7 or Prep 8 year. Admitted students completing sixth grade may have the option of entering into either the Prep 8 or Form 1 (Freshman) year, accelerating one or two years. The decision to accelerate one versus two years is based on a joint determination between Latin School and each prospective student family. Students contemplating the possibility of two year acceleration must meet with the Dean of Studies, Ms. Stephanie Tewes. In some instances, Covington Latin admits students who have not accelerated a grade level. 

One factor in determining whether to accelerate one or two years is the student’s level of academic preparation. The Entrance Exam stands as a key measure of that preparation. Recommendations that a student begin as a Prep 7, Prep 8 or Freshman student will be based on the Admissions Committee's review of exam performance. 

A second factor to consider is social maturity. In examining this aspect of the student’s readiness, it is important for parents to remember that all students entering Latin School are young, and all will grow and develop a great deal in the course of their time here. Parents need not expect their child to display the maturity of a graduating Form IV student in order to begin their Covington Latin experience at the Prep 7, Prep 8 or Freshman levels. 

School personnel are always available to discuss a family’s individual situation. Further opportunities for evaluation, such as CLS summer enrichment programs or direct student interviews with school personnel, are available to give additional insight on the decision. In the end, however, for those students permitted to accelerate two years, the final decision on whether or not to do so lies with the family and the School will accept and support that decision.