The Leader

The Leader is the quarterly alumni newsletter of Covington Latin School.  In addition to keeping alumni informed of exciting news and developments at Latin School, we also feature major events and occurences in the lives of our alumni.  Please consider sending any personal or professional updates or achievements you'd like us to share by completing this form or contacting us at or 859.291.7044. 

Recent issues are included below but the School retains all previous print editions, which are available for viewing on campus and may also be duplicated per alumni request.

       The Leader, Summer 2018

       The Leader, Winter 2018

       The Leader, Fall 2017

       The Leader, Summer 2017

       The Leader, Spring 2017

       The Leader, Winter 2016 

       The Leader, Fall 2015

The Leader, Fall 2014

The Leader, Spring 2014

The Leader, Summer 2013

The Leader, Summer 2012

The Leader, Winter 2011

The Leader, Summer 2011

The Leader, Winter 2010

The Leader, Summer 2010

The Leader, Winter 2009

The Leader, Summer 2009

The Leader, Winter 2008

The Leader, Summer 2008

The Leader, Winter 2007

The Leader, Summer 2007