Lost Alumni

The list below contains "lost alumni", in ascending order of graduating class, for whom we do not have contact information. Please help us to locate any of these individuals by contacting Andy Peters at alumni@covingtonlatin.org or 859.291.7044. Partial information is gratefully welcomed whether it be email address, phone number or mailing address.

Mr. Frederick Laake 1940
Mr. James E. Cook 1949
Rev. Paul A. Link 1950
Mr. Gerard E. Smith 1950
Mr. Thomas Fischer 1954
Mr. Nicholas D. Hull 1955
Mr. Timothy C. Murphy 1956
Mr. Thomas Mitchell 1956
Mr. Henry J. Reckers 1957
Mr. Roger Dreyer 1957
Mr. Raymond C. Stevens 1961
Mr. Michael J. Walz 1961
Mr. Donald Huesman 1967
Mr. Thomas E. Cropper 1970
Mr. Thomas Clarke 1972
Mr. Robert A. Wilson 1974
Mr. Robert Rackers 1975
Dr. Terence P. Bolger 1975
Mr. Michael C. Farmer 1976
Mr. Joseph Walsh 1977
Mr. Stephen Finn 1977
Mr. Lawrence J. Barnes 1978
Mr. Matthew C. Johnson 1982
Mr. Mark Hamon 1984
Mr. Serhat Yalcinkaya 1986
Mr. Christopher A. Cann 1987
Mr. Stephen S. Graves 1988
Mr. David C. Townsend 1988
Mr. Jeffrey Sauls 1994

Mr. Joseph B. Williams 1995

Mr. Sean P. Crnkovich 2001
Mr. Alex P. Brauer 2001
Ms. Ashlie N. Reker 2001
Ms. Lauren L. Gilbert 2002
Mr. Paul F. Schroder 2003
Ms. Mallory L. Craft 2004
Mr. Kurt L. Zembrodt 2006
Ms. Jessica Beatrice 2006