History and Mission of CLS Athletics

Former Dean and Headmaster, Reverend Edwin B. Heile ’52 is the founder of Covington Latin School’s athletic program.  Under his direction, CLS joined the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) in 1968, paving the way for broad participation in athletics at the local and state levels.  In his own words, Father Heile describes the philosophy behind CLS athletics, as practiced then and now:

"One must first realize the School’s philosophy when it comes to athletics: we see athletics as part of our program, not as end in itself.  The School has as its primary end the preparation of our students for college and eventually to be Christian leaders in our community. Hopefully, athletics can further enable our student athletes to reach this end."

Athletics enable young students to develop physically so that they may have a mens sana in corpore sano (sound mind in healthy body). Athletics also enable students to practice self-discipline by training and following the rules and regulations of the coach. A sense of accomplishment is always present in athletics.  Students can set personal goals and strive to meet the challenge of reaching them. Athletic participation allows a spirit of competition to develop which is very important in today’s competitive world, as well as the development of sportsmanship in winning or losing with graciousness.

Surely one goal of any athletic program is to instill a pride that students must do their best at all times. There is no place in the world of sports or business for people that do not enter every phase of their life with the intention of giving their best effort.

Our athletic program does not put its final emphasis on winning…that is for the professionals. Hopefully it will help our students to grow and mature and lead to self-discipline, desire and the competitive drive that will help form athletes into future leaders.