House System

The house system, a concept originally implemented by boarding schools to bring a sense of home away from home, is a way to further strengthen the bonds of the school community.  With 14 houses total, each house is made up of several students from each grade. Vertical relationships among students in different grades are established as well as horizontal relationships among students within their own class – facilitating an integrated and unique opportunity for the classes. The houses also provide an opportunity for older students to mentor younger students and ensure that every student is included in several school activities.  In the 2013-2014 school year, the house system replaced the peer mentoring program as a means of helping students to transition into their time at Covington Latin and has proved very successful in connecting students of all ages.

The inagural student leaders carved out the foundational aspects of each house for future generations - choosing a saint as their namesake, house colors, and a motto. Each house has one to two faculty moderators that oversee the students’ creative endeavors, helping them turn their ideas into action and fostering camaraderie. Houses participate in a yearlong spirit competition, during which time students are encouraged to attend CLS sporting events and service projects. They also receive spirit points for winning Olympic Day events or the annual Christmas Carol competition. 

The house system not only provides a way for students to form new relationships, but also acts as a means of engaging them further in service endeavors.  Houses participate in various service activities throughout the year, including a canned food drive to benefit local Covington charities and a winter coat drive.