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Alternate entree options are now available every week from the cafeteria:

Monday: Bosco Sticks
Tuesday: Chicken Nuggets
Wednesday: Cheese Pizza
Thursday: Pizza Crunchers

The Covington Latin School Cafeteria follows a standardized menu issued by the Diocesan School Lunch Office. The menus will be published on this page (above). The Latin School menu offers delicious and nutritionally balanced options which include fresh fruit, vegetables and legumes, whole grain bread, and fat-free milk, etc. A salad bar option is offered each day. School lunches are FDA-compliant in offering age-appropriate calorie limits, zero trans fats, fat-free milk, and a broad variety of fruits and vegetables, less sodium and more whole grains. 

Cafeteria Information

Lunch is offered on a daily basis for $3.10. Chicken sandwiches are available every day in lieu of a main entree. An extra entree (pizza, burger, meatloaf, etc.) purchased with lunch is an additional $1.25. The cost for an entree purchased seperately is $2.10. Lunch is unavailable on examination days, Olympic Day and during the end-of-year picnic. 

No charges will be allowed for a la carte items or extra items such as an additional sandwich. This includes items purchased before school as well as those purchased during the lunch period. Your student must have sufficient funds in their lunch money account or bring money with them if they wish to purchase a la carte items or extra items.

This applies to full-pay students and those eligible for reduced or free lunches. Those eligible will continue to receive reduced or free lunches -- this "no-charge" policy applies to extra items purchased or a la carte items.

K12 Payment Center

All families are required to open an account for their student/students with K12 Payment Center. Through K12 Payment Center parents are able to view student purchases and account balances. You will have the ability to set up automatic payments and email notifications when funds are low. Parents may also transfer funds between sibling accounts. Click here for more information. 
On-line transfers through K12 Payment Center for depositing funds in your student’s account are optional – this option is for your convenience – but ALL families are required to set up an account. Registration for a new account (or adding credit to an existing account) may be done at k12paymentcenter.com. Again, checks or cash will also be accepted. 

Please note online payments are credited to student accounts twice per day, therefore payments made in late morning may not be credited to your student's account in time for lunch that day. Money used for day-of food purchases must be submitted in the Main Office or directly to the cafeteria that morning. 

Lunch charges (delinquent accounts)

For more information see the Diocese of Covington Charge Policy.

Cafeteria Helpers

Covington Latin School is grateful for broad participation in the cafeteria helper program. Parents can choose to assist our cafeteria staff to help offset the School's cost. This is a great way to meet other CLS parents and integrate into the fabric of the Latin School community. Please complete the cafeteria helper form and submit it on Book Day. 

All cafeteria helper must attend VIRTUS® training, complete a background check, and have read and signed the acceptance form Diocesan Policies & Procedures for Addressing Sexual Misconduct as per diocesan policy. Helpers who have already completed VIRTUS training at another diocesan school or parish are not required to retake it - simply contact the diocese to add Covington Latin School. Please also note that the Latin School cafeteria staff are fully committed to maintaining food handling and serving procedures for the safety of our students.


For additional assistance or if you are unable to assist on a scheduled day, please contact Ms.Vater at marilyn.vater@covingtonlatin.org.

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