Covington Latin Centennial Celebration

6/1/2023 11:54:44 AM

Covington Latin School Kicks Off Centennial Celebration with Exciting Community Events


[Covington, KY - June 1, 2023] - Covington Latin School, a renowned educational institution serving gifted students in grades 7-12, is thrilled to announce the commencement of its centennial celebration that started Saturday, May 20th, coinciding with graduation for the class of 2023. The school, which has a rich history spanning a hundred years, will commemorate this milestone with a series of community-wide events that reflect its mission of academic excellence, service, and spiritual growth.


Founded in 1923 by Bishop Howard, Covington Latin School has consistently nurtured the minds of gifted students, preparing them to be leaders in their community. Over the past century, the school has become synonymous with educational rigor and intellectual curiosity, fostering a love of learning that extends far beyond the classroom. Covington Latin School has not only shaped the lives of countless students but has also contributed to the development of a thriving community.


To mark its centennial, Covington Latin School has organized a range of events that capture the essence of its mission and highlight its commitment to serving others. Alumni are encouraged to request yard sign to display their graduation year proudly.  Yard sign contests will be held throughout the year as a fun way to engage the community.  On September 7th, 2023, Covington Latin will be hosting a Founders Day Weekend with proclamations by local officials, a day of service, and a super reunion weekend. Additionally, Covington Latin School is honored to announce that Bishop Iffert will preside over a special Centennial Mass. This solemn occasion will bring together the entire Covington Latin School community, past and present, as they gather to reflect on the school's century-long journey and give thanks for the opportunities it has provided.


"The Centennial Celebration of Covington Latin School is a momentous occasion for our institution and the greater community," said Dr. John Kennedy, Headmaster at Covington Latin School. "For a hundred years, we have been privileged to educate and inspire gifted student leaders, and we are thrilled to share this significant milestone with our dedicated alumni, supportive families, and the community that has embraced us throughout the years."


The Covington Latin School Centennial Celebration will not only honor the past but also lay the foundation for an even brighter future. The school looks forward to welcoming all members of the community to these events and fostering the spirit of unity and service that has defined Covington Latin School for a century.


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About Covington Latin School:

Covington Latin School, founded in 1923, is a premier educational institution located in Covington, KY. The school serves gifted students in grades 7-12, providing them with an academically challenging curriculum designed to nurture intellectual curiosity and critical thinking skills. With a strong emphasis on service and spiritual growth, Covington Latin School prepares students for a lifetime of success and service to their communities.