House System

Since 2013, Covington Latin School has integrated a house system in order to promote a sense of belonging within CLS. With 14 houses total, each house is made up of several students of the same gender from each grade. Vertical relationships among students in different grades are established as well as horizontal relationships among students within their own class – facilitating an integrated and unique opportunity for the classes. The Houses allow CLS students to have a more family-like atmosphere here at Latin School. Students are able to form friendships across the grade levels and keep these friends over their years here.

Originally a concept implemented by boarding schools to bring a sense of home away from home, the house system is a way to further strengthen the bonds of the school community. The houses also provide an opportunity for older students to mentor younger students and ensure that every student is included in several school activities. Each house has one to two faculty moderators who oversee the students’ creative endeavors, helping them turn their ideas into action and fostering camaraderie.  

Each house uses a saint that they are meant to learn about and emulate throughout their years at Covington Latin School. Each year, rising seniors are chosen to be the leaders of the houses that they have participated in during their time spent at CLS.  The students can experience more than just the academic excellence portrayed by their school. They can encourage, support, and lead each other in their journey at Covington Latin.

Houses participate in weekly competitions in which they compete against the other houses throughout the school. Some of their competitions include Boggle, trivia, penny wars, and more. The holidays are some of the most cherished times at CLS because houses can compete in the Christmas carol showdown in which they create their own lyrics to classic carols. On Halloween, they dress in themes with their houses. Service projects are also an integral aspect of our house system.  Each activity promoted through the house system centers on camaraderie and inclusion. Houses create an inclusive atmosphere that is one of the many trademarks of the school.