Cultivating Confident Communicators: Covington Latin School Approach to Public Speaking

2/12/2024 10:18:51 AM


Dive into Covington Latin School's unique approach to public speaking education with Ms. Darpel and Mrs. Little. This video explores how the school fosters strong communication skills from an early age, setting students on a path to confidence and eloquence.

Beginning with creative projects in middle school, Covington Latin students engage in character presentations, honing their public speaking abilities. The journey continues with the 9th-grade Introduction to the Classics, integrating ancient history, study skills, and historical speaking.

In 10th grade, students delve into Aristotle's Rhetoric, learning the five canons of rhetoric and the art of persuasive speaking. Mrs. Little highlights the significance of classical education theory, emphasizing its role in equipping students with tools for crafting impactful speeches. The curriculum extends to cover pathos, ethos, and logos, providing a nuanced understanding of persuasion. The video underlines the growing importance of communication skills in the workforce and how Covington Latin students gain an early advantage.

In 11th grade, students participate in debate classes, applying their knowledge to hands-on argumentation. Seniors craft original speeches, including "Ted Talks" on topics they are passionate about, emphasizing the importance of effective presentation and quick thinking.

Covington Latin School graduates feel well-prepared for speeches and presentations in college and beyond, thanks to their classical background and emphasis on communication skills.