We Are Covington Latin

3/22/2021 2:42:08 PM

Monica '24

Having a Catholic education is the best thing that a member of our family could ask for, and I am loving it! Although I certainly enjoy my weekends, like most people, school is like a second home to me. There are several qualities about Covington Latin School that could be boiled down into three words: its EDUCATING curriculum, its EFFECTIVE teaching of the Faith, and its ENJOYABLE community aspects. 

The arguably most important quality about Latin School is the fact that we are taught efficiently and effectively about our faith every day at school. So effective, in fact, that even non-Catholics who take the theology courses there could tell you a lot about the Church. We have the privilege to go to Mass every Wednesday at the Cathedral Basilica, which is unique in our diocese. CLS fulfills what every Catholic school needs to do, it teaches us about the Faith, it gives us opportunities to do service to help our communities to help live out our faith, and it helps spread the true message of peace and joy through everything we do.

I believe that Latin School does a great job of teaching us about being Catholic. Two of my grandparents were Catholic school teachers, so I learned about how their schools taught theological values, and I saw that Latin School was superior for many reasons, and surprisingly, being small is one of them. Because of the smaller class size, the teachers have a better way to communicate the subject to the students by being closer not only to the whole class but also being able to connect with the students. Any older class can tell you about all of the references to past events with Mrs. Knox or something funny that Mr. Krebs said in their freshman year, and this goes for all of the teachers. This makes the faculty more approachable and friendly, allowing subjects to better imprint upon the student and get more out of the four to six years they may spend learning here. 

At Covington Latin, it becomes clear that we are a community formed by the simple acts of kindness and charity we show to one another every day. Our family is very involved with Latin school. All three of my siblings attend CLS. Our mom is a graduate, and our dad coaches the boy’s soccer team. At Latin school, the faculty and staff accept nothing but the best we can do, so they can help us live up to the motto, “teach me goodness, discipline, and knowledge”.