College Prep

Bright students face a myriad of options when it comes to choosing their path through higher education. The decision between a sprawling university or a more intimate college experience can be daunting, and the quest to secure scholarships adds an additional layer of complexity. At Covington Latin School, our dedicated College Guidance Counselor plays a pivotal role in guiding our students through this intricate decision-making process.

Starting in the 7th grade, students work on standardized test preparation, setting the foundation for success in ACT, SAT, and AP exams during their junior and senior years. This early focus ensures that our students are not only academically prepared but also confident in their ability to tackle standardized testing, a crucial component in the college admissions process.

CLS goes beyond conventional test preparation by offering personalized career-matching assessments. These assessments, more detailed than traditional methods, delve into each student's unique qualities and interests, helping them discover potential career paths. The journey doesn't stop there; CLS hosts engaging college fairs, providing students with exposure to local and national universities, and organizes campus tours, allowing 11th graders to explore firsthand what resonates with their aspirations.

As our students approach their senior year, our College Guidance Counselor leads a dedicated college prep class, focusing on the creation of standout applications and the discovery of scholarships. This class becomes a hub of creativity and collaboration, where students receive direct interactions with college representatives, ensuring that they are well-prepared to navigate the exciting challenges of higher education.

The unique educational experience at CLS becomes a powerful asset in the pursuit of scholarship dollars. We empower students to leverage their academic achievements and individual strengths, setting them on a path toward securing the financial support they need for their college journey. Each year, the entire senior class graduates with at least one academic scholarship covering some if not all of their tuition. Students, on average, earn $215,000 each in total scholarships toward universities across the country. 

Together, at Covington Latin School, we are not just shaping students academically; we are fostering confident, well-prepared individuals ready to embrace the opportunities that higher education and the future hold.